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We have found a production facility in Canmore Alberta that we will proudly call home! At this point our focus is working towards the regulatory compliance and licensing expected as a new player in this industry.

Our slogan of “Adventurous bold flavours straight from the Rocky Mountains” is the impression we are hoping to leave. “Quality Alberta ingredients, local production, glacier fresh water, and a brand that resonates with locals and tourists.”

We are forecasting our facility to be ready to start production in November this year. Assuming licensing is successful our intent is to have product in stores by Christmas so patiently waiting consumers can enjoy with their family and friends.

We will be offering a craft Vodka with an Alberta wheat base. As well as two expressions of Gin we are really excited about. We have completed our recipe development for a RAW Citrus and RAW Peppercorn Gin that are turning out to be real crowd pleasers. The response to our initial tests have been better than expected and we are ready to go to market with these products. We have crafted a product with all natural RAW ingredients that are literally bursting with grapefruit and citrus flavour.

peppercorn-on-wooden-spoonThe RAW Peppercorn Gin is whats really got us teaming with optimism. The Tellicherry peppercorns we have sourced are from “The Reluctant Trading Experiment” who sources the highest quality ingredients in small quantities from sustainable sources. The peppercorns we use in this Gin lend a unique pepper component that seems to blend harmoniously adding notes of fruit, citrus, and earth undertones that are very pleasing to the pallet. RAW Peppercorn Gin and Clamato are already becoming the go to cocktail at our house this summer.

The next focus of RAW’s recipe development program is our RAW Seasonal products. These recipes are currently under development, initial experiments have put us ahead of schedule and we are pleased with the results. We have defined the parameters of the flavours we are bringing to market. The next step is trial and error until we get it right, we are in no rush. For us to release a product to market it has to not only be something we are happy with, it has to reflect our values and be an expression of what we are trying to achieve in our distillery.

While Initial production will focus on getting our first three products to market, we are also committed to divert a portion of our production to Canadian whisky production. Whisky takes three years to mature by Canadian Law. So the sooner we start that clock the quicker we can increase our offerings to our customer base.

In the meantime, our focus will be the core RAW product lines. Assuming licensing is successful, customers who make their way to our Canmore production facility will be able to purchase our new or seasonal products not offered to retailers yet so it should make it worth the drive!

The in-house customer experience is where we see the real ‘Craft’ of distilling shining through. It is our vision that adventurous customers seeking new experiences can be led through a gin tasting of single botanical gins to develop an understanding of your individual taste preference. A ‘gin profile preference’ can be specifically tailored to that profile and personalized gins can be created based on these individual taste preferences. Or if you just want a gin that has a certain flavour highlighted, we just might be able to do that too. Watch for more news and progress updates!

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