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RAW & Canmore Cave Tours are Proud to Present: RAW Underground

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We are pleased to introduce: RAW Underground, Sensory Cave Tour and Distillery Tasting for Canmore Uncorked. This one of a kind experience is a sensory adventure like you’ve never experienced before. Bringing together the remarkable underground terrain of Rat’s Nest Cave and the creative sensations of RAW spirits, you simply can’t miss this. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’re in for. Picture this…

A helmet buckled beneath your chin, harness around your waste, coveralls zipped over your entire body, prepared to explore a brand new place. You’re going to get dirty, but dirt washes off, and you haven’t explored the rockies until you’ve stepped inside them.

The temperature is a comfortable 4.5℃, the exact same every day of the year. It’s dark. Dark like you’ve never experienced it before. Your headlamp lights the way, though you’re aware it’s the only thing standing between you and complete and total darkness. It’s quiet. Silent, actually, apart from the sounds of you and your team making your way through. The smell? Earth. That’s the funny thing about caves, the absence of the sensory experience is palpable, almost a presence in and of itself. As you navigate this brand new space a familiar sent hits your nose. It’s sweet. Or is it bitter? You step closer, closing your eyes to focus your energy on one sense in particular.

RAW Distillery is known for forging some of the freshest botanicals and ingredients possible. Each of their spirits offer a tasting adventure and this is why they’ve come together with Canmore Cave Tours. To challenge your senses on an experiential sensory adventure designed to train your senses.  All 5 of them.

Canmore Cave tours will challenge your mind and play with your sense of sight, touch, and sound while RAW introduces the complexities of Aroma and Taste. Without the sense of smell we would be limited to basic taste sensations such as salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami…  Join us deep underground where your senses are heightened and focused without distraction. Discover just how important your nose is when tasting spirits (and of course everything else you eat or drink!).

After emerging from the underground, you are invited to join us back at the distillery at 810 Bow Valley Trail for a full spirit tasting to put your new sensory training to the test!

The RAW Underground Experience includes a Canmore Cave Tours Explorer Tour, a RAW Distillery tasting and welcome sample cocktail, and the exclusive collaborative in-cave sensory experience.

Price: $149/person
Date: April 30th at 3:00 pm
Location: 1. Canmore Cave Tours 2. RAW Distillery
Max Participants: 8

Get your tickets here.

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