RAW Distillery

About RAW

The Founders behind RAW


“Small craft distillers are part of a soon to be large community. The first time you try a RAW product I want you to be blown away. The responsibility of quality spirit production is one I take seriously. I have made it my mission to craft products of the highest quality. Together with other distillers in Canada we will encourage this dynamic industry to grow together.”

I am passionate about distilling alcohol. Following the dynamic world of Canadian Whisky is a personal interest of mine so watching this style of whisky grow along with the new craft distillers who are entering the market is very exciting to me. I am a craft beer brewer at heart so watch for us merging these two worlds together. Alberta is the heartland of grain production in the prairies. I love this province and am proud of the hard working people who produce our RAW ingredients.”.



  “If someone told me 4 years ago that Gin was to become my full time passion. I would have laughed them right out of the room. Nothing interested me about a one dimensional spirit that tastes like pine needles.

A quick visit to a small craft distillery south of the border profoundly challenged my perceptions of this beverage. I had no idea Gin could be a balanced, delicate expression of so many different flavours. Distilling lets me recapture that feeling every time I introduce someone to a hand crafted Gin. I am excited to bring you along in this journey, let’s reinvent what you thought you knew about Gin and celebrate the hallmark craft of this exciting industry.”

Our Mission

RAW Distillery is in full production with products available in stores across Alberta. Our mission is to create BOLD spirits and a  ‘tasting adventure’ for consumers.

We care about where each and every ingredient comes from and celebrate its natural ‘raw’ form. Using RAW Alberta grains and glacier water from the Rocky Mountains, we want to produce adventurous, bold spirits straight from the Rockies that we can all be proud of.

Help make our start up successful by asking your local liquor store to carry our products… keep the conversation going by talking about us and craft spirits!